Sunday, February 16, 2014

First Blog for Shaman's Destiny

    So, I decided to create a blog to keep track of my journey with Shaman's Destiny. I wish I had done this while doing issue 1, but I guess you can check out my Twitter feed . This book has definitely been a labor of love and a lot of trial in error. I knew making my own comic book would take a lot of dedication and self motivation since I am doing everything on my own, I just didn't realize how many late nights and early mornings I would have. I didn't realize how many restarts and do overs I would come across. When I started this, I figured I would write and simple script and let my drawing ability take over. After a few lack luster pages in issue 1, I realized I needed to do more than that. I needed to really push myself.

    With issue 2, I'm already coming across some of the same issues I had with issue 1: Lack of time and energy (it takes a lot of me to try and write, draw, ink and edit my own comic book, while still working a full time job and taking care of my family), lack of knowledge ( I keep having to remind myself that though I've been reading comic books for 20 years and drawing for 30, I'm still a novice when it comes to the steps) and lack of skills (I still need to grow. My abilities are better than the average bear, but not where I want them to be).

    I see so many improvements from what I was producing in issue 1. If you were lucky enough to purchase issue 1 and are nice enough to purchase issue 2, please share your thoughts on things, good or bad. I need criticism to get better. Though I love and appreciate the kind words, I need the negativity to keep grounded and push myself to produce better stories.

    With this blog, I hope to update as much as possible. Right now I have a feeling I will be able to update about once every other week, but I will try and update whenever I remember to. I will be sharing my ups and downs, where I am as far as progress wise. When I remember to, I will also post any other projects I am working on.

    Please feel free to share this with your friends and family, along with the Shaman's Destiny Facebook page .

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